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What our clients say

About Radiance Skin Clinic, Woodstock, Oxfordshire

We always appreciate feedback, and it means a lot to us when clients take time to let us know their thoughts. At Radiance, we place your care and comfort above all else and will always endeavour to impart honest consultation before your treatment. We personalise all of our treatment options to you and your individual needs, ensuring we achieve the best results possible for you.

MW. January 2018

I recently had a skin blemish removed very successfully from my face by Dr Hamilton. She was very clear in explaining both the procedure and possible issues. She has extensive clinical training and I was confident that all products and treatments offered are diligently researched made her a very reassuring choice for me.

I have found both her and her staff to be highly competent and professional. I have also had anti-wrinkle injections (yes, it turns out there literally is a cure for fine lines!) and under eye treatments which have made visible improvements for me and exceeded my expectations.

Equally I have received excellent advice on treatments and products that are not suitable for me or not necessary at this time. I recommend Radiance wholeheartedly.

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Thrilled with my treatment, it solved the problem in my hairline, I wish I’d come to Radiance years ago. Helen knows her stuff and makes trips a joy. More please!!


I was amazed by the result of Dr. Hamilton’s treatment. It has given me a boost of confidence, and it’s very releasing not to have to worry so much about applying make up, with the worry of it wearing off. Dr. Hamilton has such a gracious, gentle presence, and one instantly feels in the hands of a very caring ultra-professional. Her explanations are crystal clear and reassuring, and she talks you through the treatment as it’s happening, which is very calming. Just being in the office and treatment room is an uplifting experience, with its lovely, fresh ambiance and meditative music.


Firstly, I’m extremely pleased with the results. All the veins have gone – those big ones especially! I have to admit though, I thought ‘this is too good to be true’ and waited for the veins to pop back – they haven’t. And this is after quite a few weeks of observation. I found Dr Helen to be an extremely pleasant, professional and caring person. Her undivided attention was always on providing me with the best possible treatment for my situation. It was a pleasure to be in her company.

ST. January 2018

After trying a well known national skn clinic and paying a lot of money for very little expertise I found Radiance and Dr Helen Hamilton. Helen not only impressed me with her extensive knowledge of my particular skin blemish but the results I have seen after just one month of following her treatment plan are fantastic. Thank you Helen, just wished I had seen you first..!!

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Very pleased with the results of Silhouette Soft. Dr Helen explained everything well. The procedure was straight forward and not painful. Side effects minimal, mild bruising. Instant lifts your face which was lovely.


Thank you, I am delighted with the difference to the lines around my mouth and will definitely be back in a few months time.


Your clinic is beautiful – fresh and welcoming – and I was impressed by the in-depth consultation before my treatment. All my questions were answered, and the treatment itself was painless. My only concern was the apparent instability of the light, which kept moving away from my mouth. Overall though I found the whole experience professional yet friendly.

ACP. January 2018

Don’t hesitate – I truly can’t recommend Dr Helen Hamilton highly enough!! She is incredibly skilled & so knowledgeable & I wouldn’t get treatments from anyone else 🙂

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I have been overwhelmed with the results of my Silhouette Soft Thread . The results have been amazing and months on I still feel as confident as the day first day of the treatment, I instantly felt , and still feel younger , fresher and far more confident . And would recommend this treatment to anyone .


I was looking for a professional, discrete organisation I could put my trust in completely. Radiance more than fitted the bill. I am delighted with the results. The changes are subtle rather than drastic. Everyone keeps asking me if I’ve been on holiday!


For years I could see lines and creases forming on my forehead and around my eyes (as well as my smile lines getting deeper), and as time went past, I was noticing them getting worse and deeper. I felt they were making me look older than I was. When I heard that I could soften or even lose these creases using anti-wrinkle injections and (fillers), I was excited at the prospect of looking and feeling younger. The results were even better than I expected as the lines and creases have disappeared! I will definitely have the treatment again and would recommend it to all my friends. (Thank you Radiance!)


Dr Hamilton was reassuringly patient and very thorough with her consultation. As a first time user of anti-wrinkle injections I felt I was in expert hands and I couldn’t be more delighted with the results. The procedure was painless and has smoothed out my forehead lines as if they never existed.

I had noticed my crow’s feet seemed to be more prominent as I entered my 40s and I had a number of lines on my forehead that I couldn’t hide any more with my fringe. A special offer on facial rejuvenation at Radiance gave me the push to seek some advice about getting some anti-wrinkle injections as I wanted to reduce the lines in time for my wedding next year.


Everything was explained very clearly and I signed the consent forms. I couldn’t believe how quick and painless the process was! I had some tiny pin-prick marks afterwards, but that was all that showed. The clinician was brilliant as she was not only friendly and made me feel at ease, but was also very knowledgeable and was happy to answer all my questions. Over the next few days my lines gradually disappeared. I have had several people comment on how good my skin looks and I am really pleased with the results.


I’m really pleased with both the product, and the way in which it was so skilfully applied by Dr Hamilton. Its like having a mini face lift without the pain and suffering!


I am very pleased with the results after having fillers on nose to mouth lines and frown line on my forehead.

My face looks relaxed and healthy thank you so much its a great confidence booster that lasts for months. It’s magic!

*Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Radiance Skin Clinic, cannot guarantee specific results.

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